What is the best online place to find kids clothing sewing patterns?

I am looking a good place, preferably free or lower cost Kids Clothing patters. I am specifically looking for girls clothing, like dresses. Anyone know of any good sites?

Check your local library for books with patterns included – some may have designs to be traced off while others may give measurements for rectangles & other simple shapes.

Check used book stores, eBay, or mothers’ cooperatives for a copy of Kwik Sew pattern books for babies, toddlers, and children (birth to 2 years, 2 years to size 5 or so, and size 4/5 to size 14 in the third).

They are very basic patterns (elastic waist pants to make in different fabrics or lengths for pajamas, sweat pants, shorts, or what-have-you), elastic waist skirts or attach to the basic t-shirt pattern (which can be a dress, cut up the front with a zipper added for a lightweight jacket, or a pajama top), and so forth & so on.

I used those three books…..and a few other patterns bought on sale to dress my younger child from birth until he got opinionated enough to want some store bought clothes (mostly jeans – he still wore t-shirts that I made if I picked the "right" fabric).

How much should I save up for Disneyland shopping?

So I’m going to Disneyland Anaheim in November.
Luckily the actual trip and hotel are paid and the rest I have already budgeted for.
However how much should I save for souvenir shopping? I almost never go but I’m a huge Disneyland fan and also a lover of all things vintage fashion (partly why I like Disney so much)
And I’m going to be there about 2 days
If I were to want something like pens, autograph books, themed hoody, assortment of fashion items from New Orleans section or main street, caricature, a parasol, a bunch of pins and PLENTY of Cute Toys and stuffed animals(for my cousins and some for me). I wouldn’t include collectibles like star wars stuff in the budget since it really depends on the item but just run of the mill souvenirs.
About how much should I pack for 2 days? 200-300 dollars? More or less?
-How much are the street vendors about? Like buying an icecream or those big pickles? Last time I was there I was a little girl and didn’t pay attention to prices.
-Is everything expensive at Disney, like even hats and sunglasses?( I mean the cheap ones at stands not collectible nice ones)

I think around 200-300 dollars would be right, as you said. I went to Disneyland in Paris and it’s a little bit different but if you want to buy all of that stuff 200-300 is perfect.
I have no idea, but I know most of those restaurants or things where you eat are pretty expensive. I bought some chicken and it costed me around 10 dollars for like 4 pieces of chicken.
Not really, you can find some good cheap stuff, but I think the collectible ones are pretty expensive.

Last Minute DIY Fathers Day Gift – * Mustache * Gift Basket & Tool Box

0 Last Minute DIY Fathers Day Gift   * Mustache * Gift Basket & Tool Box***Please Open For More Info ***
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DIY Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas! 5 DIY Gift Ideas – Foot Soak, Photo Coasters, Porcelain Flowers

0 DIY Mothers Day Gifts Ideas! 5 DIY Gift Ideas   Foot Soak, Photo Coasters, Porcelain FlowersMother’s Day gift ideas! I’ve got 5 DIY Mother’s Day gifts you can make at home for a couple dollars and a lot of love! DIY tile photo coasters, DIY foot soak scrub, DIY porcelain flowers, DIY candy gift jar, and DIY citrus floral arrangement! Have fun and Happy Mother’s Day!

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TuTiTu Doll Stroller

0 TuTiTu Doll StrollerTuTiTu – “The toys come to life” is a 3D animated television show targeting 2-3 year olds. Through colorful shapes TuTiTu will stimulate the children’s imagination and creativity. On each episode TuTiTu’s shapes will transform into a new and exciting toy.

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Kids Clothing Haul – The Childrens Place / Walmart – VEDA DAY 3 (August 3rd, 2013)

0 Kids Clothing Haul   The Childrens Place / Walmart   VEDA DAY 3 (August 3rd, 2013)Don’t forget to subscribe!

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What gift should I buy for my Mom as a Mothers Day gift?Galaxy S3 or Iphone 4S?

For Mothers day should I buy Samsung galaxy S3 or Iphone 4S for my mom, and specify your answer also, please!

I would think there are a few other things she might "appreciate" more? My mom loves pictures of grandkids so I am getting her this picture printer from Cobra:

There are lots of neat things that I think could be more meaningful than just a phone…but maybe for your mom that will be very meaningful so I hope you find the best!

What are the kids clothing stores in Canada?

I heard there is a Kids Clothing store in Canada called "Little Lady" (Not 100% sure of the name). Has anyone heard of it? And do they have an online store?

we have many kids clothes stores do a search and see them all. not heard of little lady

Is this homemade bird toy toxic to my parakeet?

I grabbed some present ribbon and made a cute little chew toy for my parakeet, but hesitated to put it in the bird cage. Would they be toxic to my bird? The ribbon seems like plastic and they’re very colorful. If it is toxic, do you have any suggestions for a toy for her.

I’m not sure i use colorful string for my bird when I make him chew toys he loves them

DIY/ Fathers Day gift idea!

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Just a gift idea for fathers day or a simple and fun DIY to do during the summer, I hope you enjoyed!

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