Bowling Is Best Done In Private Alleys

My best friend from school went on to do extremely well for himself. He has a fantastic home out in the country, and he has me over from time to time. In school we always were very competitive, and loved trying to beat each other at games. He loved games so much, that he actually turned his whole basement into one big game room. He had everything, darts, pool, foosball, air hockey, ping pong, a chess table, a four lane bowling alley, and lots of others. It was a great place to hang out.<br /><br />When I was in school, my dad was in construction, so that was the way I went as well. I was not as well off as my friend, but I was happy with where I was. The reason for this get together, was to compete in our own private bowling tournament. It was two out of three games, winner getting twenty bucks and the honorary title of champion at that particular alley.<br /><br />In not time, the power switches were flipped, the bowling shoes were put on, and we had picked out our favorite ball. We flipped a coin for first turn, and I began the tournament. When my second ball was about three quarters of the way down the lane, I notices it made a slight skip. I screamed foul, excused myself, and headed outside to the trunk of my car.<br /><br />In a few moments, I was back with a <a href=’’>dyson vacuum dc17</a> that I was to deliver to my mother from my sister. I plugged the thing in and went to town on the lanes, all the while cracking my friend up with snooty remarks about his housekeeping. He had tears in his eyes by the time I was through. I laughed pretty hard at myself.<br /><br />Another few frames later, I was beginning to fall farther behind. Then I remembered that I was trying to do this without the one thing all competitors must have, my good luck charm. Again I was strolling to my car, and when I got back, I had on my <a href=’’>black helmet</a> that I wore when I rode my motorcycle. Since buying this helmet, I had won five races in a row. He still was not impressed, but had a good laugh.<br /><br />A couple of frames later, I still was losing badly. I noticed my feet were not getting good traction on the floor. I once again excused myself, and then reappeared sporting a pair of <a href=’’>brown boots</a> I wore when I went hunting. My friend was still very entertained and watched as I took the ball in hand, and started again.<br /><br />Anyway, he ended up only barely beating me in the first game. Then I pounded him over the next two. We shook hands and he paid up immediately. He pronounced me the new reigning champ as far as his alley was concerned. I did point out that if we had been in a regular alley downtown I could never have gotten away with it. But he did not care, he said it also would not have been near as much fun. And he was right.

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